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If I listen I forget, if I see I remember, if I do understand.

educational proposals for the nursery - elementary - middle and high learning in the company of the game and knowledge.

The farm

Thanks to one of our ideas we introduced in the Sicilian schools of knowledge peasant art and proudly we are proud to say that our farm is the first company accredited by the Region of Sicily.

The farm covers about 45 hectares and is located between the towns of Licata, Palma di Montechiaro, Naro Camastra.

The different crops olive, vine, almond, wheat, vegetables etc. and breeding of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, bees, wild pigs, cows, goats Girgentana, horses etc. offer visitors a harmonious and full of typical Sicilian farm.

Organization of company visits

The visit must be booked via landline phone: +39 23 947 0922 (evenings) or phone: +39 333 1184640 - +39 320 4430490 in order to agree on the timing and the activities to be carried out. It is appropriate that in addition to the telephone booking, one week before the visit, both written confirmation given by fax: +39 0922 23947, to avoid unpleasant delays. The farm is open to schools from 8.00 to 16.30.


Logistics and transport costs are paid by the school.


The cost to the company visit is € 6.00 per person.

Pay the fee also parents accompanying their children;

Teachers are exempt from payment . 

With this sum are planned: 

  • Guided visit to the petting zoo;
  • Guided visit to the ethnographic museum;
  • Around with the donkeys in stables;
  • Carrying a choice of two educational cycles among those proposed below:
  1. "From grain to bread" with tasting baked warm bread in a wood oven and seasoned.
  2. "EPA honey" with bread and honey tasting.
  3. "The laboratory of taste" with tasting at wine selection, olive oil, or cheese.
  4. "Recognizing the plants" of the Mediterranean flora.

Or alternatively two cycles is the only cycle can be carried out:

"From milk to cheese" with ricotta cheese tasting and prepared on the spot by the pastor.

For those who wish to carry out in addition to a choice of two cycles also that "From milk to cheese" the total cost is € 9.00 per person.


The farm is enhanced by other 3 routes:

  • We create clean energy: renewable sources
  • From vine to wine (available September and October)
  • From the olive oil extra virgin (available from October to November)

Lunch or snack

The company has open spaces or indoors for breakfast bag, access to the location is free.

The company as an additional service, on request and on reservation, offers a quick lunch buffet at a cost of € 5.00 per person.

Lunch includes two slices of pizza (previously chosen by teachers), a can of coke or fanta or a small bottle of mineral water and an ice cream cone.

Or a lunch at € 10.00  which includes: first course, main course with vegetables, a can of coke or fanta or a small bottle of mineral water and an ice cream cone.

Service Charter and commitments.

The company is covered by liability insurance.

The Company is home to animals checked medically by USL

The Company has no architectural barriers and is equipped with the security services.


di Vassallo Salvatore
C/da Volpara, snc
92027 Licata (AG)
P.iva: 02281660841


+39 393 1220007
+39 336 401734